I Support You Dear Friend

I support you dear friend. Doesn’t that feel comforting? Indeed, it is comforting both for the recipient and the person giving support.

Why Does This Feel So Good?

As I’ve mentioned before, energy is everywhere. It exists in all living things, Furthermore, energy is the basis of non-living things; rocks, the air we breathe, furniture… everything. Basic chemistry explains the movement of electrons around the nucleus of atoms.

Like the atom, energy has positive and negative aspects. Within living and non-living things, there is a state of equality. Otherwise, the atoms become agitated and start breaking up. Conversely, it’s the state of salt changing when you place it in water. Although it appears to disappear, tasting the water proves it is still there.

What Happened to the Salt?

The state of the salt changed because it separated into its positive and negative components, Sodium (Na+) & Chloride (Cl-), The same type of separation occurs when you dissolve sugar in water. Below is an illustration of how these very small pieces can move across a semipermeable layer. Movement across a layerThink of how a net outside the Great Barrier Reef allows small fish to pass through, while keeping the beaches safe from Great White Shark attacks.

Where Were We?

How do these science examples explain the positive feeling of “I support you, dear friend”?

In the world of energy, my positive feeling of support spread out across the Universe, reaching your energy field. The effect was boosting the volume of positive vibes. The difference between this and the science analogy is I didn’t lose any joy (positive energy) when I sent it to you. Rather it multiplied for me too.

Let’s Try This Together

Although it is great to support others, I’m going to invite you to start with yourself.

  • Sit in a comfortable position where you feel safe
  • Gently close your eyes
  • Slowly breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth
  • Say, “I support you dear (your name)”
  • Feel the positive energy
  • Repeat, repeat, repeat

Practicing Loving Kindness Feels Better

Practicing loving kindness feels better… than being caught up in comparing.  Compulsive comparing creates a restlessness that can never be satisfied.

Examples of Compulsive Comparing

Do you know someone who has an immaculate house? Imagine after visiting them or just thinking about them, you might have these thoughts walking inside your own less than perfect home.

  • How does she keep everything so clean?
  • It really feels bad, seeing all the dust in my house
  • I know there’s a candy bar hidden here someplace…

If only we could substitute these thoughts of loving kindness for ourselves instead.

  • Perhaps I care about more important things than housework
  • But, if I set a timer for 30 minutes and sweep…
  • After the timer goes off, I’ll fix a cup of coffee… or herbal tea

Did you feel a difference reading these two very different lists? For me, the comparing list made me frown and furrow my brow.

The second list brought a smile to my face and a lightness in my chest. It’s about offering forgiveness for ourselves.

How to Bring Loving Kindness Home

Mindfulness meditation is the key to bringing loving kindness into your life. Sharon Salzberg is my go to person for learning how to cultivate loving kindness. I’ve completed her 10% Nicer meditation course inside the app, Ten Percent Happier , multiple times.

She has also written several books on loving kindness, available on her website . If you want to experience a ten minute mediation right now, go to A Simple Meditation to Connect With Loving-Kindness, from Sharon Salzberg on mindful.org.

This Seems Too Easy

Yes, it is easy… and also very hard. Like most things, it takes a daily commitment to change. However, if you miss a day, don’t beat yourself up. Rather, start again. Each day dawns with another new opportunity to live happier.

Practicing loving kindness feels better… than comparing ourselves to others. Just think what a different world it would be if you practice loving kindness for yourself and others. Start right now.

Sending you loving kindness,

Can You Love a Grocery Store?

Can you love a grocery store? I seem to. Perhaps it’s because it has been in my life, via my mother, longer than my physical existence.

Where Shopping is a Pleasure

This is a pretty simple concept. Yet it shows a caring attitude about their customers. ‘Where Shopping is a Pleasure’ exemplifies my personal experience with Publix, a native Polk County Florida grocery store. Now couple this slogan with their signature green.

Why is Green Special?

Green signifies growth and nature. Placing a white ‘P’ on a field of green feels like a purity of spirit. Furthermore, green is the color associated with the heart chakra. Did you think pink? There is a philosophy that pink signifies a healing heart. That feels right to me too.

History Affects Our Perspective

Mom and Dad married at the First Baptist Church, across the street from the historic first Publix supermarket, in Winter Haven, Florida. Even though they settled in Dundee, seven miles away, Mom often traveled to this first Publix when she couldn’t find an item at Helm’s Grocery in our tiny rural town.

I have vivid memories of this building, especially the glass tiles. Later, after a newer Publix was built, the building housed a Morrison’s Cafeteria. Those memories are even clearer.

On the rare occasions, when Dad was fishing in Placida or Chokoloskee, Mom took us to Morrison’s after church. I always requested the same selections; fried shrimp, cornbread stick and a salad with cucumber, tomato, and onion. Always. If I was really hungry, I chose a slice of coconut custard pie.

Bring Joy into the Mundane

Can you love a grocery store, the whine of a power saw, the tinkle of a bell when you enter a store, or the smell of rain? Absolutely. Stopping to notice everyday occurrences and allowing the joy into your heart brings happiness to yourself, your companions at the time, family, even strangers, like the veteran who offered to snap my picture in the Publix parking lot.