About Dawn

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I’m Dawn.

I offer guidance through storytelling for caring individuals who have experienced grief through complicated relationships, so they can tap into their truth and leap forward to a happier, less stressful life. My writing experience and a long-term personal commitment to step-by-step changes uniquely qualify me.

I know what it’s like to find the love I sought from others within myself.

But it wasn’t always this way

Thirty years ago, when I finished the first chapter of The Artists Way, I knew my life of sacrifice had to change.

As I worked through the exercises each week, it became clear my own needs had to take center stage. Working within my marriage, I found what I truly wanted to do. He agreed to join me some of the time. Additionally, I sought my first therapist and begged my husband to come with me. He refused. After a few months, the therapist told me how strong I was. It shocked me. Then he told me I had to make the decision whether to stay in my marriage or breakaway. I chose to start a new, single life.

How I Help You

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“Dawn’s newsletters are full of warmth, insight, and wisdom-especially welcome during this surreal pandemic when our worlds have turned upside down and everything is so different.”
– Mary Jo Hazard, Author

“Dawn is an eloquent and captivating writer. Reading her words feels like you have been picked up and carried along on a beautiful journey. She is a gifted storyteller who is able to weave powerful metaphors and messages into her writing, allowing the reader to effortlessly gain insights while simply enjoying the beauty of her stories. She has a magical way of touching you deep in your heart.”
– Connie Chapman, Life Coach, Speaker, Podcast Host, and Writer

“When I read Dawn’s words, it takes me to a virtual moment. I can see the place. My mind opens up. I’ve learned about gratitude, my self-confidence has increased, and I’m more able to share thoughts with others in my life.”
– Darrin Fielder Fitness Coach

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You Can Grow Too

Although my thirty-year personal journey is still evolving, through slow change, I have escaped an abusive relationship, felt the precious life force of my beloved father escape in my arms, acknowledged my strength, and found the greatest love of all – myself.

A new Dawn has emerged by acknowledging my grief in difficult situations and accepting the joy of life through creativity and play.