Intention Lays the Groundwork

When working on my 2023 Vision Board, intention lays the groundwork. Do you find it challenging to create a Vision Board? I have. Although I have attempted to make a vision board three times, I completed my first this week.

A Definition Might Help

A Vision Board is a collage of images and words representing a person’s wishes or goals used to inspire or motivate.

You might have noticed the absence of the word intention from the definition. That’s because most people see a vision board as a manifestation tool filled with the things they want to have.

For instance, this year, you might want to manifest a Maserati MC20. Then you might download this photo of your desire and place it on your board. I’ve seen many vision boards with similar objects. But this particular photo from Maserati is unique. Putting the sports car in the clouds makes it look like the butterfly doors are wings. The creator is appealing to the feeling of flying. That’s priceless advertising. But is it useful on a vision board? Yes and no. Such a specific physical thing might not work in your favor.

You might even say you intend to feel carefree while driving down an empty highway. This concept differs from stating, “I want a Maserati MC20 this year.” It leaves more wiggle room.

Taking a Different Viewpoint

Using intention lays the groundwork; how about a picture of being in the clouds to evoke your sense of freedom? Or a photo of a winding road that disappears into the distance.

What do you feel as you drive down this curving road?

I have my left gloved hand solidly holding the steering wheel, my right hand effortlessly shifting up and down, my left foot syncing the clutch, and my right foot moving from the accelerator to the brake pedal as the torque of each curve sways my body like an extension of the engineered angle of the roadbed.

Why is this so vivid for me? I confess. When I was a freshman in college, my father bought me a Datsun 2000 sportscar. I enjoyed the hell out of that car, taking the winding roads from home to school and back. Being seventeen with five forward gears at your command is a special thrill.

Do I Want a Sportscar this Year?

No, thank you. Been there, done that.

What Do I Want?

I am focusing on building my community in my newish location, unfolding how I will improve the world through creative self-discovery, and allowing my body to heal.

That sounds like a lot. But anything is possible when you co-create with God, the Universe, Spirit, or whatever describes the higher power you connect with.

Creating Your Vision Board

As you read at the beginning, I am not an expert at creating vision boards. But I have found someone who has finally given me the tools to create a successful vision board – Colette Baron-Reid. As with most of life, pay attention when something or someone drops into your life unexpectedly. It might be just the path you were meant to walk down.

The Heavens Support This

The New Moon in Aquarius has begun. The exact time is January 21st at 3:55 pm ET (USA). That’s January 22nd at 7:53 am in Australia.

And three retrograding plants will soon be direct, Mercury (communication), Mars (action), and Uranus (awakening). Coupled with Chiron (the Wounded Healer) in Aires, there is an exciting potential for breakthroughs, movement, and real progress.

It’s a perfect astrological setup to launch a vision board to honor and utilize your unique talents for the greater good. But even without a vision board, you can make a difference in your life and the world with your loving intention.

With love and compassion,

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Look Back or Gaze Forward

Is it better to look back or gaze forward? Which path will bring you to the pinnacle of your life purpose?

Look Back with Wisdom

In my life, I looked back with self-judgment and loathing, never understanding the concept of:

  • Taking a bird’s eye view
  • Determining the errors
  • Understanding the why
  • Imagining alternative behaviors
  • Embracing love and compassion

This simple plan of reviewing with acceptance is the essence of learning from our past choices.

Here is an example from my life.

  • My marriage ended in divorce.
  • The relationship was based on looking for a self-love substitute.
  • Why did I engage in self-destructive behavior?
  • If I knew then what I know now.
  • My choices were necessary for me.

Of course, this is a significant life event. Yet the simplicity of this process breaks it down into digestible bites, releasing the nutrients within.

When I understood the complexity and depth of my suffering, it was much easier to give myself a break. So it’s easier to give others a break, which results in a kinder existence for everyone.

What was the timeline for this example?

a more direct pathThe marriage lasted twenty-three years. Since I didn’t engage in looking back with wisdom, I repeated my behaviors over another twenty-four years. Over the last year, several aha moments resulted in true love and compassion for myself. That’s a total of forty-eight years.

My hope for you is a more direct path toward self-understanding.

Yet, I’ve smiled through it all. The difference today is my smile is filled with joy rather than merely a lifelong coping mechanism.

Gaze Forward with Hope

Before, I used lists and control to examine the past year.

In contrast, my previous twelve months were spent feeling rather than analyzing, which resulted in a culmination of healing that needs no examination. Furthermore, the lists for the coming year also come from feelings.

First, I made a short list of when I feel joy; being in nature, creating, learning, and sharing.

Second, I allowed ideas to flow. These became the core of my New Year plan.

  • I love my body with exercise and nutritious foods
  • Write from my heart
  • Take a chance on painting again
  • Explore my local community
  • Contemplate a physical gift for the world

Third, the first action steps emerged.

The Best Part is

Rather than a list of must-do projects, I have broad ideas that can morph into festive activities by checking in through a daily morning meditative practice.

It’s not about whether it is better to look back or gaze forward. Instead, it’s about exploring within to find your joyful uniqueness. This is the basis for a happy life.

With love and compassion,

Feeling Grief During the Holidays

Feeling grief during the holidays is a challenge. Some days we are entirely uninterested in the holiday trappings. Celebrations can go from joy to sadness in seconds. The worst part can be the isolation. We don’t want to cry when others are joyous.

With patient persistence, the pain will lessen if you surrender to it. Professional help is also invaluable. I’ve sought out therapists, grief coaches, pastoral care, and shamans. Because, for me, there is no one way through.

Balancing Sadness and Joy

Let the tears flow when they well up. True friends will support your journey through grief. A random thought or statement often acts as a trigger, which eases our anxiety with tears. I’m grateful for each one.

Take your time. There’s no rush to get over the passing of a loved one. Allow your natural flow in this process.

In the early stages, when action is needed, try to pick one activity around your loved one’s memory daily. Often this entails a financial or legal detail. Ask for help. Making lists and seeking advice can also help us stay on track.

Be choosy about your activities, letting your heart be your guide.

Daily morning meditation will help you discover your unique style. Journaling is helpful. And adding ritual eases overwhelm. For instance, I sit in the same place each morning with my cup of coffee, light a candle, and ask my Spiritual team to come close. In the early days of this activity, I asked simple yes/no questions and waited to ‘hear’ the answers. Now, there is a calmness in my heart as soon as I sit down.

Plan at least one joyful activity each day. This is part of self-care. Don’t short-change yourself by counting a required activity like grocery shopping. You might think it matters because you are getting out of the house. Instead, it needs to be a gift you give yourself. For instance, a trip to the post office is on my schedule. Then I add a stop in a cute downtown area to window shop. The fresh air, colorful displays, and people bring me joy.

At first, the sadness will overwhelm the joy, but eventually, there will be more joy. Working through grief is a process. The holiday season is temporary, and the new year is approaching. You can do this.

Final Thoughts

In the past week, I’ve experienced more sadness than I thought I could endure. However, talking with friends who are also coaches has helped me push through.

cherished christmasThe artificial tree is still in the basement, but I have a fresh wreath on my door. My Christmas cards are on their way to my immediate family,  the dearest decorations are on display, and I’m planning on attending a wreath-making class tomorrow. It’s not because I need the course, but because it will bring me joy. After all, I still have a bare Advent wreath.

Sending you love and compassion,