The Energy Of Anticipation

The energy of anticipation

When you look at the photo of a sandy track through the Florida scrub, do you wonder what lies just beyond the bend? I am attending a life changing retreat in the Poconos this weekend that reminds me of this path. There is an energy of anticipation, which I expect to be exciting. But the last few days my energy has been sluggish, listless, and I even felt a sense of foreboding. How can this be?

Old Energy Rears its ugly head

It’s as if my former self is fighting for its existence. The comfort of a lifetime of caring for others more than myself, giving, and giving some more would be easy to fall back into. But that isn’t going to happen any more. I’m clearing my energy multiple times a day, living in the moment, and building anew the energy of anticipation in a clear, positive light.

How did i change?

For the last twenty years I’ve been opening up my life. This slow process has accelerated during the last half of this decade. There are so many aspects that played a role in my awakening:

  • Journaling
  • Reading
  • Meditation
  • Reiki
  • Classes and more classes
  • Connecting to my soul
  • Chakra clearing
  • Connecting to my guides

How can you start to change?

Even if I listed every event, every modality, and every roadblock I overcame along my journey, it would be useless information for anyone else seeking to live their life to the fullest. Each person has their own direction and path, unique to them.
But I believe there are gold nuggets of universal truth.

Journaling and Meditation are key.

Journaling is pretty easy once you can get beyond your resistance. If you love good books, I recommend The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron. Not only does she cover journaling, she walks you through many ways to open up your life.

Meditation is a little more difficult. When I was young, the only time I was successful at meditation was in preparation for childbirth, using the Lamaze method. In addition to the breathing technique, I was taught a meditation technique based on imagining a candle flame. It worked very well during my nearly 24-hour labor.

More recently, I have learned Japanese Reiki meditation where I connect to the energy around and in my body. My teachers, Frans Steine and Bronwen Logan Steine, have many wonderful books and recordings to get you started meditating.

If you’re in Central Florida this December, I’m teaching an Introduction to Japanese Meditation class. Stay tuned for more information or even better,  sign up for my weekly newsletter. You’ll never miss a blog or an announcement.


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