How Much Time You Waste

Do you know how much time you waste? I thought I was pretty productive until I realized I needed to carve time for new activities. It was important knowing how and where am  I wasting time. Where can I ask others to take over tasks? What do  I want to stop doing in my life?

My circumstance isn’t in a business situation. I’m retired, working on an idea for a business. So that makes me an entrepreneur, I suppose. Regardless, it’s important I know how I spend my time if I want to do new things.

How Did I Determine Wasted Time?

In one of my accountability groups with Whitney McNeill’s Messenger of Spirit, I learned about the app, Toggl. I downloaded it onto my iPhone and started using it immediately, before Whitney’s virtual meeting was even finished.

Toggl is totally intuitive, even for my over-60 brain. However, I admit I’m used to organizing tasks into categories from my career in database design. I believe this is the most crucial aspect of tracking your time. When I first started playing with Toggl on my iPhone, I didn’t understand how Projects work. Rather than continue wasting more time, I replied to an email congratulating me on downloading Toggl. Yes, I asked for help.

Their reply was detailed and included a link to an online tutorial for the Web app. After watching it, I learned a lot more about projects and easily found another helpful article on utilizing the iPhone app. I’ve included both links at the end of this blog.

Tips for Using Toggl

Here are my tips before using Toggl:

  1. Brainstorm what you do in a typical day or week.
  2. When you have a page full of what you do, start grouping the tasks
  3. Form 4-5 large areas
  4. Associate these areas with the tasks
  5. Write the list of tasks down on another piece of paper
  6. Set up Projects from the large areas in the Web Toggl version
  7. Start tracking, assigning Projects first and then use your task list for timed tasks, preferably when you start your day

Helpful Toggl Links

Tutorial using the Web Application
Article on using it on the iPhone (iOS)

I am so excited about this app, I wanted to share it with you. While using it, I realize it is so much more powerful than a simple organizer of time.

Next week I’ll update you on how I’m putting it to use in my daily life.

I’d love to hear from you about your time tracking experience, whether using Toggl, other digital or paper based time tracking.


New Year or New Decade

It’s finally here, the new year or new decade, 2020. I’ve heard so much grumbling  about 2019. Did you review 2019 by reading or watching all the lists of famous people who passed on or the number of tragedies?

Blessings of 2019

Not me! I focused on the blessings I experienced in 2019; my cruise to Alaska, the excitement of my first Zipline, putting my health in the forefront with workouts and a personal trainer, joining Noom to eat healthier, exploring meditation in a deeper way and teaching my first class about Reiki meditation.

There Were Tough Spots Too

Sure, there were some difficulties in 2019. I released them. They are in the past, gone.

Onto 2020

New year resolutions are a ghost from the past. Rather it’s time to assess what you really want, create the big picture and the goals to get you there. Since 2020 is the beginning of a decade, it feels so much more important than 2019. Now is the time to determine your intentions. I’m going to let you in on a secret about intentions and affirmations. You must feel it. Visualization is great, but if you don’t feel the emotions of your dreams, they may fall flat.

The time is now to start your journey. Let others know what you are doing in the comments below. For me, I’m starting the Dream Creator Mastermind with Connie Chapman.

Happy New Year

Let’s embrace the possibilities in the new year or new decade. Both are exciting. Happy New Year!

Release Perception Now

Today I invite you to release perception now as part of your end of year review.

A little Story

I love to learn new things and what better way to take classes than in the beautiful backdrop of Bok Tower Gardens. On an early Saturday afternoon, I was enjoying a class on making a succulent wreath. The instructor, Jill, was efficient, prepared, and gave us both hands-on instruction and a booklet to take home, that included the care of our succulent wreath.

The Class Was Great

The 26 or so women in the class were all excited as they created their own wreath versions. I was feeling a little rushed and didn’t quite finish before it was time for me to leave. Jill was cleaning up the tables and rather than speak up, I just watched as she scooped up the plants I hadn’t used, returning them to the selection tables.

I thought, “I’m fine. I don’t need them. My wreath is beautifully full.”

Realization of a Hole Unfilled

Coming home, I was showing off my creation, when I realized I had a hole ready for a succulent. I let Bok Tower know, and Jill sent me a quick, short reply in an email. I perceived annoyance in the email, even though she offered any succulents I felt I needed to complete my wreath.

When I stopped by to select a plant, Jill was busy talking to customers. She efficiently responded to my presence and instantly realized what I needed when I told her my name. As I followed her to the tables of succulent plants, I apologized for aggravating her.

“I’m not aggravated,” she replied.

At that moment, I realized my perception was totally wrong. Jill was merely efficient, and didn’t mince words in her email or in person.

I released a breath with an audible, “Ah”.

Lesson Learned

I hope in reading this story, you will choose to release perception now, and in preparation for 2020. After all, when you release perception, you are less stressed and happier. And let’s face it, the only person you can really affect is yourself.

May you have a safe and happy new year!