I help you deal with grief’s realities, one step at a time. I believe in joyful living, taking small healthy steps, and opening up new thought patterns.

You might wonder why I am qualified to give this information. Partly it’s because I’ve gone through so many grief events in my life. I not only survived, I thrived. Each new experience gave me tools for the next. My curiosity, bolstered with courage, allowed me to forge ahead. Furthermore, I’m a certified health coach and working toward certification as a master grief coach.

Born in rural Florida, I am the mother of two grown sons, grandmother of two, writer, lover of nature, a degree in biology, a former Master Gardener, and citizen scientist during nearly two decades living in Colorado. After a few years in Florida, living near where I grew up, I’ve settled in Ashe County, North Carolina. I learned knitting, embroidery, crochet, and needlepoint as a child. In 7th grade English class, we learned a new word; dilettante. I felt it described my dabbling in all manner of arts. After that point, I was more determined to become well-versed in every endeavor. This came in handy after I married at age 20. I spent 18 years as a stay-at-home mom, filling my life excelling at every craft known to man or woman; basket weaving, cake decorating, oil painting, and watercolor. In a way, this practice was my proving ground for the very real experiences in my life; divorce, spousal abuse, the suicide of my second husband, helping my father transition, death from cancer of my third husband, and caring for my mother during her last years. These episodes of grief led to my realization that self-care is the keystone toward fostering lasting, healthier relationships with my family and friends.

My love of the outdoors encouraged me to find holistic pain relief for my osteoarthritis, including acupuncture, Reiki practice, and yoga. Now I’m taking one step at a time toward creating my best life and sharing my insights with you.

Pull of the Moon - Dawn Anderson
The Pull of the Moon
I woke up just before 4:00 am and almost immediately started crying, even sitting up gasping between sobs. The release of emotion had a calming effect as I laid back down and thought of my husband. Today I’d be spreading his ashes. I wiped away the tears from my cheeks, and sat up on the edge of the bed meant for two. Read more…

Five Tips Toward More Self-Care
These five tips toward more self-care will support your path toward fulfillment in your life. The photo of my son and mother laughing during a lunch out is just one example of self-care. Read more…

Tell Them You Love Them Right Now

Is there someone in your life you miss because there is a rift between you? Tell them you love them right now. You know you do, but pride, fear of rejection, or a lack of love for yourself keeps getting in the way.  Read more…

“Dawn’s newsletters are full of warmth, insight, and wisdom–especially welcome during this surreal pandemic when our worlds have turned upside down and everything is so different.”
– Mary Jo Hazard, Author

“Dawn is an eloquent and captivating writer. Reading her words feels like you have been picked up and carried along on a beautiful journey. She is a gifted storyteller who is able to weave powerful metaphors and messages into her writing, allowing the reader to effortlessly gain insights while simply enjoying the beauty of her stories. She has a magical way of touching you deep in your heart.”
– Connie Chapman, Life Coach, Speaker, Podcast Host and Writer

“When I read Dawn’s words, it takes me to a virtual moment. I can see the place. My mind opens up. I’ve learned about gratitude, my self-confidence has increased, and I’m more able to share thoughts with others in my life.”
– Darrin Fielder, Fitness Coach