My Personal Reiki Wow Story

This is my personal Reiki Wow story. On Tuesday, I had two visits to Western medical practices. One was for a reaction to Moderna’s bilateral booster for Covid-19. The second was for scheduled cortisone shots in my osteoarthritic feet. It was the first time I received treatment for both feet in an appointment.

It Starts with the Booster

I received my first Covid-19 booster shot on Friday morning, five days prior. Although concerned about side effects, since I like to travel, it’s a risk I was willing to take.

Each morning I connect to my Spiritual team of guides, angels, and other helpers from God to set my energy for the day. So I took a second opportunity Thursday night concerning my health. I asked archangels Michael and Rafael to protect me from adverse reactions from the injection, especially anything that would interfere with my upcoming trip on a Viking River Cruise.

Immediate After Effects

The injection was painless; I knew it was done when I felt the pharmacist place the bandaid over the site.

Then I stood up and felt dizzy immediately. It was minor, but I thought to ask the pharmacist.

“Do I have to sit for ten minutes before I do my shopping?”

“Oh no, this isn’t like the first two shots. We were the human guinea pigs then. They perfected it now.”

I agreed with his assessment and carefully returned to the entrance to pick up a cart. But unfortunately, the dizziness stayed with me until I sat in my car. Then it returned as I took my two small bags into the house.

The Next 48 Hours

My symptoms were much less severe than I experienced with the second Moderna shot in the fall of 2021. But I noticed the fever during the night, occasional chills, and a general feeling of malaise.

The injection site became increasingly painful, and I had new symptoms by Sunday. I’ll spare you the specifics, but there were bouts of gastrointestinal distress.

Now I’m Getting Worried

My upper arm was swollen and hot to the touch, and there was a red patch the size of a deck of cards. The itchiness was most pronounced at night, but I felt well enough during the day to take the dog for a short walk and pull some weeds in a shrub bed.

Finally, I called my nurse practitioner’s office, and they scheduled me for an appointment at 8:45 am Tuesday. It worked well since my cortisone injections were at 11:15 am, twenty miles away. And there was a Walgreens in between.

Amidst all this, I’d noticed an apparent sty on my right eye. I was headed out of the country in a week and needed to handle any preexisting conditions. I mentioned it to the intake nurse. Then, knowing that my cup of coffee and general anxiety could elevate my borderline hypertension, I took a few calming breaths and gently closed my eyes as the cuff was placed on my non-injection arm. When I heard 136/84, I was amazed.

Katie Miller, FNP-C, explained she had seen many injection site reactions from Covid booster vaccines in her office. Additionally, she shared it takes her about five days to recover fully from boosters, noting it was primarily minor exhaustion. Finally, she prescribed two ointments; a topical for the itching on my arm and an antibiotic for my burgeoning eye infection.

Rather than feeling let down by my less-than-perfect booster experience, I felt in awe that my spiritual team revealed and addressed my unknown health issue.

And Now for the WOW

In preparation for the dreaded cortisone shots in two hours, I’d arranged for a fellow Reiki practitioner to give me a long-distance session. We texted as I waited in my podiatrist’s office to be called into the exam room. Our reiki connection had begun in earnest as soon as we thought of each other. I feel it now, even in a place of memory.

The nurse escorts me to the last exam room and starts the prep work. She sounded apprehensive when I told her there would be two shots. But by this time, I’m in such a calm state that my reaction is as an observer.

I lower my gaze before Dr. Robinson enters the room. The reiki connection is in full bloom. First, I feel the numbing coolness as a liquid flows over my right foot. The next sensation is the same coolness of a fluid flowing over my left foot. Finally, I sense the procedures are complete and open my eyes.

“Wow. I didn’t feel the needle’s prick, the pressure against my joint, or the discomfort of anything. That’s a first! But I confess. I was using reiki with the help of a second long-distance practitioner.”

Dr. Robinson is usually non-verbal. As a result, some would say he lacks a warm bedside manner. But this time, he initiated a conversation about my upcoming trip, sharing his experience exploring Europe while stationed at an air force base in England. I remember thinking, who is this guy? But, of course, I loved every minute of my extended visit.

Two realities seem apparent.

    1. The calming effects of reiki can alleviate pain by changing our physical and mental focus.
    2. This effect extends to others nearby.

An Invitation for You

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With loving compassion,

Celebrating Your Shadow Side

Although it may seem counterintuitive, it’s easier to find your bright white light when celebrating your shadow side.

So what is the Shadow Side?

Our shadow side is the aspect of our personality that we dislike.

How do I Discover My Shadow Side?

It’s pretty simple because you can see it in others quite easily. It’s their behavior that pushes your buttons.

A Dual Example of Shadow Side

I recently attended an in-person three-day Reiki III class with twenty-four participants. Since this was my fourth class, my teacher and I know each other.

When asked if we had anything to share with the course on the second day, I mentioned my difficulty hearing some other participants during their sharing opportunities, elaborating for one to two minutes. Immediately, my fellow hard-of-hearing neighbors thanked me. Soon after, during the lecture portion, the teacher discussed distraction, noting that there were too many words in the world.

As an illustration, he looked at me and said, “I don’t mean to single you out, but when you told your story about your hearing, it would have been better to address the problem directly. For example, you could have said, “Could you speak up? I can’t hear you.”

My eyes widened, and I exclaimed, “But I’m a writer.”

The Shadow Side of Judgment

Although I can’t speak to why the instructor singled me out, I can discuss my reaction to it.

As his words stung my ego, my defense was an immediate retort. But, at that moment, only two people were in the room. And I felt deeply hurt.

Soon, the moment’s reality became focused as I felt the downpour of shame, then a low, simmering anger. In typical fashion, I placed the rage in a box that sat on my shoulder. Instead, I focused on Deb, my partner, during an exercise to expand our energy.

It didn’t take long, and my attention returned to the hurt I felt. As we dispersed to find options for lunch, I looked for someone to validate my anger.

Two women sat chatting across the room. As I approached, they looked up, and we exchanged pleasantries. Then, calmly, I expressed how I felt about being singled out, asking their opinion. Although they were compassionate, they said it was probably best to let it go.

Let it Go

How many times have you heard these words? Did they help you let it go, or did they fuel your anger?

Until recently, for me, they were triggers. Now, I listen differently by distancing myself from the communication interchange. From this viewpoint, I see the compassion in ‘let it go.’ Then I can receive that compassion and start to let go of the hurt.

Parting Thoughts and the Precepts

When the actions of others push your buttons, consider taking a different viewpoint by being an observer. Now you can start celebrating your shadow side and their shadow side with love and compassion. Furthermore, to anchor yourself, consider saying these Reiki Precepts each morning and throughout the day.

For today only,
Do not anger,
Do not worry,
Be true to your way and being,
Be compassionate to yourself and others.

From a place of love and compassion,