Start Asking for Help

I’ve found if I start asking for help, it arrives. Then I listen to the new ways of thinking and acting accompanying this different way of being.

You can also feel joy again. Trust that it is possible if you will take the first step toward healing your grief wounds by asking for help.

Your Emotional State

Depending upon where you are in your grief journey, your emotional state may be highly charged or feel like a deep valley. If you start asking for help, the emotional highs and lows will begin to even out.

I don’t mean you will be in a zombie state. Instead, you will feel your emotions with more detachment, curiosity, and compassion. Hope will begin to replace despair.

A Simple Daily Prayer

Each day I repeat a simple prayer when I rise and again as I prepare for sleep. You may want to try this also.

Take a deep, cleansing breath and slowly exhale when you wake up.

Place your left hand over your heart and repeat this prayer.

I call on the guidance that loves me unconditionally. I ask for your protection, help, intervention, and assistance in all ways that will benefit me and support my spiritual growth. Thank you.

Repeat the same deep cleansing breath with a slow exhale when preparing for sleep at the end of your day.

Place your left hand over your heart and repeat the same prayer.

* This prayer is found in Alana Fairchild’s Mother Mary Oracle deck.

How Will My Life Change?

your life can blossomAs you ask for help with an open heart, subtle changes will occur. Perhaps you are the only person who notices these changes. Or a friend might ask if you’ve changed your hairstyle.

Trust that your unfolding will blossom perfectly for you.

It takes great courage to make changes. Embrace the courage that lies deep within you.

Know that I Support You

My message of healing is here, with new articles posted on a regular basis. As my life purpose blossoms, I invite you to heal with me.

From a place of kindness, compassion, and courage,

Curiosity Fuels Our Inner Joy

Curiosity fuels our inner joy by offering different viewpoints than our first default observation. Using the photo above, what comes to mind? What do you feel in your body? Where do you feel something in your body?

How Curiosity Changed My Perspective

The first night I settled into my North Carolina home, the image above was just like the photo. Yet I didn’t see it. Rather I saw a hideous green security light streaming into my bedroom that ruined my night sky view. The light had been there before, but it wasn’t as high or as bright. My default observation was anger and resentment. As the days went by, my curiosity grew. I stopped by the house and met my neighbors, a lovely family of four who are renting while buying their own lot to build on. The father is a police officer, his marked vehicle a fixture during his off hours.

I never asked about the security light. Afterward, it didn’t seem important. In fact, that night was the first time I noticed the heart on my ceiling as I was lying in bed, recalling the day. It was extra bright due to the full moon, which I captured just before. The blue orb I’m so familiar with now has a green hue. If you are familiar with the chakras, green is associated with the heart chakra. Perfect.

Tips for Cultivating Curiosity

The next time your feel sad, angry or upset about something outside yourself, I invite you to try these actions.

    • Excuse yourself to a comfortable, safe location
    • Sit, stand or lie down
    • Close your eyes or lower your gaze
    • Take one or two deep breaths
    • Ask yourself, “What am I missing in this situation?”
    • Gently open your eyes fully
    • Slowly move your head and shoulders back and forth
    • Notice the objects in your view, stopping for anything especially pleasing
    • Be open to your intuition
    • Practice patience with yourself, then others

Curiosity fuels our inner joy when we invite it in.

My Walk Toward Healing

My walk toward healing is a continuation of my last blog, My Walk on the Wild Side. I promised to write the following week about my personal shamanic healing with The Healing Hummingbird, Meredith Johnson. Rather, during these last two weeks, my healing slowly increased in volume in subtle, yet concrete ways.

My Walk Toward Healing Guidance

The Big Project

If you browse through my blogs, you’ll find I’ve been taking small steps toward fulfilling my life purpose for years. It is a lot like a huge project, My Life Purpose, with many assets (people), contributing skills toward the successful completion of the project.

Yet, one thread is consistent. Me. It is in my control what I notice, whom I choose, where I go.

How did I find The Healing Hummingbird? Slowly, I’ve followed my intuition toward making new contacts, friendships, decisions that became a new circle of friends. While in Denver, Colorado, I met them in person. It was easy because it was like dipping a cane pole in a trout pond. The density of fish increased my likelihood of bringing one to shore.

In Florida, the energy is quite different. Then add in a pandemic, and I’m forced to make new connections via electronic sources.  Often these connections come via email, which is a modern connection. Or perhaps I’m searching for a practitioner on the Internet. Rather than finding my initial quest, something new in the results catches my eye and I head down that side trail.

Similarly, an ads stops my scroll on social media. I click on it. Perhaps that click didn’t seem to be the answer. My curiosity pushes me on, digging a little deeper, scrolling a little farther, and finally the person I’m meant to choose draws me in. It’s like a bigger force has gently taken my hand to guide my walk toward healing.

What Healing Occured?

During my Shamanic healing, there were beautiful moments of my chest opening up, feeling full, then lighter. Most notable were the self-care reminders that came through, like these:

  • Dissolve epsom salt in a bucket of warm water, pouring it over your head in the shower
  • Drink hot tea with ginger
  • Massage your feet, then wrap them in warmth
  • Indulge yourself with your morning coffee
  • Waft the smoke of Palo Santo around your body

Perhaps one of my self-care options appeals to you. My favorite new understanding was using epsom salt in the shower. With my arthritis, it’s difficult to get up from a bathtub, keeping me from enjoying the benefits of a soaking bath. As I pour the ion-rich warm water over my head, I literally feel unnecessary  layers slough off my skin.

Your Walk Toward Healing

The Most Important Tip

Above all, finding your own way is paramount to achieving fulfillment… happiness.

By learning to feel sensations in your body, you move toward an understanding of your unique path.

And the Way is

Plain and simple – deep breathing.

Deep Breathing —> Meditation
Meditation —> Being in the Moment
Being in the Moment —> Feeling Sensations in Your Body
Feeling Sensations in Your Body —> Where You Want to Go

There are other paths that are available to you when you start down your walk toward fulfillment. Deep breathing can be the first step. Be curious.

See you on the path,