My Unusual Holiday Tradition

This is a secret, but I’m going to reveal my unusual holiday tradition to you, my friends. I start a diet regimen. Yes. I know it’s crazy, but I’ve done this at least two years running.

This time it’s different

I see you naysayers shake your heads.

“But it is something you do every November or December. Obviously, you haven’t been successful in changing your eating habits,” you say.

And you are right! This time is truly different. I started a plan called Noom. This is week 4 and I’ve lost 3 pounds.

“That’s lousy. By now, you should have lost at least 5 pounds.”

That’s why I believe I’ll be successful this time. All the other times I’ve ‘started a diet’, the initial results were phenomenal; 5, even 10 pounds in the first week or two. And then by the end of a month, I’m going crazy for carbs or sweets or whatever it is I was forced to give up.

How is this different?

Noom is psychology driven. They use multiple legitimate research studies to educate and help participants change their habits. It’s that simple. And they are funny. I like funny. How about you?

How do I start?

For me, I saw a TV commercial air during Jeopardy. Yes, I watch Jeopardy. And I’m amazed how much I don’t know both on Jeopardy and about my eating habits.

Noom has helped me get healthier, I think it could help you too! Use my special link for 20% off when you sign up here. And add my unusual holiday tradition to your December for the last time!

truly changing my health is simple

I’m committed to a dual pronged attack. If you’ve been reading my blog, you might have noticed quite a few references to my workout schedule. I started with a trainer in August. My trainer started off slowly and now I’m boxing on Wednesday, doing abdominal work on Friday, and training for a 5K on Sunday afternoons.  And now I’ve added a food change to the mix, daily logging food and interacting with my fellow Noomers because I believe consistency is the key to success!

Black Friday or Abs Friday

Is this Black Friday or Abs Friday for you? I’ll confess that in my 65 years, I’ve ventured out to shop on Black Friday two times. That’s right two times. The fact I went a second time indicates I was coerced.

Routine Wins the Race

However, exercise is something I’ve enjoyed my whole life. Yet it is still easy to place it way down the list when prioritizing. Adding routine to an exercise program really helps though. And Friday is Abs Friday in my life.

Perfection is Not Attainable

I’ve accepted that perfection is not attainable…for me. When I miss an exercise day I’ve developed a few tricks to keep me on track.

  1. Add exercise to your other activities, like parking in the farthest parking space.
  2. Make exercise fun by finding what brings you joy while increasing your heart rate.
  3. Most importantly, forgive yourself.
  4. Tomorrow, a new day dawns

Get Out There

So whether Black Friday or Abs Friday is your thing, get moving!

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A Different Halloween Story

Today I’m going to tell you a different Halloween story that might make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up.

Fade back to Monday

Three mornings ago, I checked my social media notifications and saw an odd Twitter recommendation. The tweet contained none of the usual hashtags, but reading it sparked a memory of a blood test result from a year ago. During a broad blood test that included checking for ferritin, a red flag indicated my reading was high… very high, double the ‘normal’ high. All I remembered about the talk with the doctor who discussed my blood test result was it was advisable to give blood. A second test three months later showed my ferritin level was still over the expected high number, but it decreased about 90% from the previous reading. They suggested I give blood three times a year.

Observe, gather information, then Act

My immediate reaction to the tweet about ferritin and the condition, hemochromatosis, resulted in an Internet search for more information. I was surprised to find out it can cause serious damage to the liver, pancreas, or heart if never treated. The condition is hereditary, suspected with high serum levels of ferritin, diagnosed by a positive DNA test, and treated solely by phlebotomy (blood letting or blood donation). Out of ten common symptoms, I identify with almost half.

Tuesday morning was my regular acupuncture appointment and I mentioned my ferritin levels to the acupuncturist. She also noticed the coppery color of my legs. Her suggestion was also to give blood three times annually.

Here’s the thing. My first blood donation a year ago did not go well. I was so dizzy, I almost fainted. I ‘forgot’ to do it again. Tuesday, I figured I was way past due for a blood letting. It also seemed I needed to talk to my current doctor about my concerns. Immediately after my acupuncture I took action.

  1. Dropped by my doctor’s office to book an appointment
  2. Drove to the blood bank and was able to donate almost immediately
  3. Received my cool Halloween T-shirt

Some Lessons Learned

First, always notice when something odd crosses your path. It isn’t happenstance. I believe it’s a higher power looking out for you. And who knows, maybe a cool t-shirt will be your reward. Oh and also, blood-letting and fear make for a different Halloween story.

I don’t know if I have hemochromatosis and probably won’t know for months. But I feel much better taking the initiative to follow the suggested treatment while helping others with a blood donation. It is one of the easiest ways you can help your fellow man. 

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