The Dark Before Dawn

I’ve come to appreciate the dark before dawn. It’s a place of rest in anticipation of the beauty to come. And the more clouds, the more spectacular the display.

The Dark Before Dawn

In life, you might experience something similar, a hurt from childhood that continues to haunt your soul, preventing you from thriving. It is your dark before dawn of realizing the beautiful person you are.

It has been my experience that everyone has something or someone in their young life who wounded them. Usually, it is a person you love or admire; a parent, sibling, grandparent, teacher, or authority figure.

Although it could be a single occurrence, it’s more likely habitual. You’ve heard the painful words many times, in many different ways.

At first, your child self was shocked. Then you started to believe you deserved the criticism. Perhaps you retreated within and tried to hide in hopes you wouldn’t be noticed. Alternatively, you worked hard to be the perfect child to win your tormentor’s love and affection.

None of these tactics worked. You couldn’t escape until you were old enough to get away. By then, their words became your internal words. You convinced yourself they were right.

“I’ll never be good enough.”

You Can Still Heal

You can heal the wound regardless of how long you have felt undeserving.

My wounds were deep and pervasive. It has taken hard work to dig up the truth and hurt. It’s painful. But once you see the source of your anguish and bring it into the light of day, you can destroy it.

The words that hurt you were their words, sourced out of their childhood pain. It is in your power to stop the cycle.

Once you deeply understand this, forgiveness is possible.

Accept Help from Healers

It would help if you had help and support with this work. Healers are available in many ways; therapists, shamans, life coaches, counselors, and reiki practitioners.

Ask for help from your Spiritual Guidance through prayer, meditation, or another ritual meaningful to you. If you are unsure how to start, use this guide to begin the process of uncovering the root cause of your unhappiness.

You Hold the Key to Happiness

Slowly, taking this process one step at a time, you will dispel the dark before dawn and open the gate to a beautiful life you design. Then, like a well-tended garden, you can live a life radiant with sweet-scented encounters and realize your dreams.

You are more than good enough.

You deserve the extraordinary life of the promise your birth bestowed.

With loving tenderness,

An End of Year Review

Do you engage in an end of year review? I have been enjoying this exercise with Connie Chapman for three years. She still has space for her Release and Rebirth online class if you want to work with her at your end of the year review.

What Did I Learn About My 2021

As I filled out Connie’s workbook on reviewing my key experiences and turning points, I was amazed how much I accomplished this past year in regards to my growth as a human being and pursuing my life purpose. In typical fashion, I began a list by the people with Spiritual businesses who helped me along the way.

Do you give yourself enough credit for your accomplishments?

If you don’t know, I invite you to consider what you accomplished in 2021. Review your journals, calendar, emails or any other place you record daily information. It’s a great start to understanding the last 12 months of your experience.

Giving Credit to All My Helpers

My year of transformation started by working with Alma Gonzalez in a 1:1 container. She and I checked in daily for six weeks. This experience opened the door for what was to come. You can get to know Alma on her YouTube channel.

The next two healers contributed to my positive change in tandem. One month I would have a house clearing, reading,  or personal shamanic healing with Meredith Johnson, The Healing Hummingbird, LLC. Meredith also hosted weekly free readings on Facebook and YouTube.

The next month, I worked with Miggy Rodriquez Soul Realignment Readings at Infinite Flow Healing LLC. Miggy also offered a series of Zoom classes on understanding my own energy system in her Energy Mastery series. She is currently working on offering this class in 2022.

Working back and forth with Miggy and Meredith was astounding.

How Do I Know What I Need?

I’ve composed a free download that guides you through choosing your own Spiritual Healers. I hope you find this information helpful.

Wishing you the Happiest New Year!

Did You Know You are Worthy?

Did you know you are worthy? Absolutely. Rather, you knew when you were born. Some of us maintained that knowledge for awhile. In contrast, many of us had life experiences that dimmed our knowledge of self worth.

This past week, I made steps toward acceptance of my worthiness. How? Through the investment of beautiful wooden knitting needles and replacement of the inexpensive Walmart needles I was using. These Lykke Driftwood needles allow an ease of knitting that amplifies the calmness knitting brings me.

How Do You Restore Worthiness?

Truly, you have never been without it. Rather, it’s uncovering your inner knowing of your worthiness. This is not an easy, 1-2-3 you’re done, process. In the short list below, I’m linking to my earlier blogs with deeper exploration on some avenues to answer the question, “Did you know you are worthy?”

Let’s Delve a Little Deeper

I’m not going to kid you. This is a process that takes time and commitment. In fact, I suggest you pick only one of the links above to explore. How do you know which one is the best place to start?

  1. Sit comfortably in a place you feel safe
  2. Direct your gaze downward or close your eyes
  3. Breathe in deeply through your nose
  4. Relax your lips and allow the exhale to slowly leave your body
  5. Read the list above, slowly and pause on each one as you connect with the feeling in your body; tingling, warmth, coolness, any other change

Where you felt different in your body while reading one of the linked bullet items is the place to start.

Be Gentle With Yourself

When we have lost the feeling of worthiness we were born with, it can be a slow process to find it again. Remember that each day is a new start. Today you can start a short, 5-minute meditation. Tomorrow you can repeat the same meditation… and then… before you know it… 200 days straight.