Start Asking for Help

start asking for help

I’ve found if I start asking for help, it arrives. Then I listen to the new ways of thinking and acting accompanying this different way of being.

You can also feel joy again. Trust that it is possible if you will take the first step toward healing your grief wounds by asking for help.

Your Emotional State

Depending upon where you are in your grief journey, your emotional state may be highly charged or feel like a deep valley. If you start asking for help, the emotional highs and lows will begin to even out.

I don’t mean you will be in a zombie state. Instead, you will feel your emotions with more detachment, curiosity, and compassion. Hope will begin to replace despair.

A Simple Daily Prayer

Each day I repeat a simple prayer when I rise and again as I prepare for sleep. You may want to try this also.

Take a deep, cleansing breath and slowly exhale when you wake up.

Place your left hand over your heart and repeat this prayer.

I call on the guidance that loves me unconditionally. I ask for your protection, help, intervention, and assistance in all ways that will benefit me and support my spiritual growth. Thank you.

Repeat the same deep cleansing breath with a slow exhale when preparing for sleep at the end of your day.

Place your left hand over your heart and repeat the same prayer.

* This prayer is found in Alana Fairchild’s Mother Mary Oracle deck.

How Will My Life Change?

your life can blossomAs you ask for help with an open heart, subtle changes will occur. Perhaps you are the only person who notices these changes. Or a friend might ask if you’ve changed your hairstyle.

Trust that your unfolding will blossom perfectly for you.

It takes great courage to make changes. Embrace the courage that lies deep within you.

Know that I Support You

My message of healing is here, with new articles posted on a regular basis. As my life purpose blossoms, I invite you to heal with me.

From a place of kindness, compassion, and courage,

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