Life After Life – a Book Review

Although I knew my friend Kim Moore had written a book about mediumship. I had not purchased it. That is not like me. I purchase books a lot. Then Kim placed an unusual birthday post on her business Facebook page . She was giving away three parts of herself; her book Life After Life, an Everything House Blessing Kit, and a 30-minute reading. All she asked was a Facebook comment with your preference.

Choosing is Sometimes Difficult

Imagine this scene. You love ice cream and the corner drugstore is giving away samples of vanilla, chocolate or strawberry. They say you can have them all, but you must start with just one. Now you have to make a decision. How many people listen to their intuition? Would you?

I checked into my intuition and realized I really wanted to read her book. Conversely, authors have a little agreement with each other. If you receive a free book from your author friend, you naturally buy one too. I felt a little guilty, but I put my preference for the book in my comment and then forgot about it.

Where’s the Review Already!

The full title, Life After Life: A Guide to Connecting with  Your Loved Ones in the Spirit World, tells you a lot about the content. Kim explains all about mediums, grief and loss, spirits and connections, and common signs from our loved ones in spirit. She also shares the dialogue from an actual session.

Not sure what to say when the loved one of a friend passes on? There is a section with guidance on what to say or not say to Them. And Kim’s personal experiences are sprinkled throughout.

My favorite quote from the book:

”By sharing my stories, I hope to leave people with the knowledge that their loved ones in the the spirit world are still with them. Always remember, love never dies.”

There is so much comfort in this book for anyone in grief. And I know from personal experience that Kim’s words are true for me.

Parting Message

The love Kim exhibits for all, resonates on the pages of Life After Life. If you are at all curious, invest in a copy on Kim’s Website.

Oh, and I received my first copy as the winner of Kim’s birthday giveaway. Thank you, Kim!

Peace and Love,

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Do Birthdays Really Have Special Meaning

I’ve always considered birthdays to be special. If you’re a parent, I think you know what I mean. I’ll never forget the joy of the birth of my two sons. But do birthdays really have special meaning?

Astronomy vs. Astrology

Stars have always given me a special fascination. Yet I never studied astronomy in college or even seriously on my own. But what is the difference between astronomy and astrology? Astronomy studies the placement of the stars and planets while astrology attempts to correlate how the heavenly bodies affect our lives. Check out Sky and Telescope for a great blog article on this question.

Is This Even Real?

Astrology was ever present in the daily newspaper and magazines I read in my young adult years. I’d always turned to my sun sign’s blurb for the week or the month, but my logical mind asked, “How can the same thing be true for everyone born during a 3-week period.”

The funny thing is it usually had a grain of truth in it.

Finding a Qualified Astrologer

Through a mutual friend, I found astrologer Michele Adler. I originally had my natal chart report in mid-2014 with C.A. Brooks, a talented astrologer in Denver, CO. Since then I’ve used three different gifted astrologers, but it seemed something was missing. Ms. Adler is retired, but if she has time, and you want to have your natal chart, she’s very qualified. Yes, friends, I recommend Michele Adler. And isn’t that how we get the best referrals, through friends?

A Peek Into My Chart

How the alignment of the stars and planets affects us is a personal story. Sometimes it is quite revealing or even startling. Here are some connections between my natal chart and -> my personality.

  • My natal moon was in Gemini, ruled by Mercury -> a lifelong learner
  • The element earth is missing in my chart -> scattered at times
  • The star Pollux -> seeking truth, however painful

Anyone who knows me, either personally or through my writing, is nodding their head while reading this list of connections. True?

Some Final Words

Astrology can have far-reaching effects. The biggest media blitz about astrology during my lifetime, occurred during a certain American President’s term when it was revealed the First Lady consulted an Astrologer. If you are know the answer, comment below. Are you curious? Use the popup on this page to signup for my newsletter where I reveal the answer to this bit of history.

If you ask yourself, “Do birthdays really have special meaning,” I invite you to search for an astrologer or ask your friends for a recommendation. Each of us has a path and I believe the Universe brings us the connections we need to walk our path. We only need to ask.