Five Days into a 10-day Detox

Day 5 Into a 10-day detox

As of today, Friday, I’m five days into a 10-day detox. There have been some revelations and amazing health improvements already.

My Why and Resulting Goals

When I started my 10-day detox, I answered this question.

Why am I doing this detox?

    1. I am hoping the change in diet will reduce my joint pain.
    2. It would be nice to lose a few pounds.

I really didn’t think much past that as I was coming into this with a curious mind. But the detox journal also included a goal section where I delved deeper.

What are 3 specific goals I have for these 10 days?

    1. I will adhere to the diet 100%.
    2. I will be open to try new foods.
    3. I will take all the supplements.

Do you find one or all of these goals difficult?

Probably the the #1 goal to adhere to the diet 100% made you mumble, “Good luck with that one!” The second, trying new foods is generally easy for me, but seeds and raw nuts, odd nut butters, kale, arugula.. those didn’t appeal at first. Finally, taking supplements has been something very difficult for me. I would be totally on board with a new health plan, purchasing all the supplements only to throw them away unused. Perhaps I see taking supplements like taking any other pill.

But this time is different. On day 1, the smell of fresh brewed coffee hit me as I walked up the stairs after my 30 minutes on the stationary bike. It smelled good, but didn’t tempt me. If I could avoid a caffeine craving, the rest would be easy.

On this detox, there are recipes for the breakfast shakes, soups for lunch, and a choice between easy (core) or adventuresome dinners. Unlike my usual cooking style, it’s core dinners all the way.

I decided I would dive right in and get all the ingredients for the first few days. It’s gone pretty well. Even my mom and husband haven’t complained about the dinners.

There is a journaling component which got me thinking. Why am I able to meet my goals (so far) this time and not in the past?

The Value of Small Steps

I’ll agree that a detox is NOT a small step.

In contrast, I had been taking many small steps in my personal growth for months; finding the confidence to take an airboat ride,  setting monthly intentions and goals , taking small steps for a year with a fitness trainer, meditating daily, finding joy in my finances, and booking hypnotherapy sessions.

Seems like, these small steps since the start of 2020 have led me here.

Lots of Tracking

Do you dread getting on the scale when you are on a diet?

With this detox, I’m actually excited about my morning scale check-in. Furthermore, I look forward to measuring my waist, hips, and thighs along with taking my blood pressure daily.

Drum roll please…

  • 6.5 pounds have left my body
  • A total of 3.75 inches are gone
  • My blood pressure went from 156/94 to 121/79

Big Disclaimer: Certainly, I have never had results like this from other detox diets and the book, The Blood Sugar Solution 10 Day Detox Diet, doesn’t talk about results anywhere near mine even after ten days.

Once again, I come back to those many small steps over the last year. Perhaps they setup my whole system for this amazing response to a detox.

What’s the Revelation?

Evidently, I was using alcohol, sugar, and caffeine to pump up my mood, distracting me from what I was really feeling. As the toxins left my body during the first three days, I exhibited irritability, impatience, lethargy, teary eyes, and feeling worn out!

Even today I don’t feel like my old self. Rather, five days into a 10-day detox, I feel better than I have in years.

The photo is the dinner from Day 1 – Grilled Salmon with Onions over greens. I’d love to hear your comments below or you can follow my progress on my Facebook page, Best Health Dawning.


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