I am Old, Fat, And Determined

I am old fat and determined

Yep, I am old, fat, and determined to achieve the best physical condition possible for me. Why? Because I know following the recommended action of exercise is the best way to deal with osteoarthritic knees.

How Long Have I Worked Out?

It’s been about eight months now. Midsummer in 2019, I decided it was time to make a change. I contacted Darrin Fielder, who had trained my husband a few years ago. Meanwhile, Darrin had changed from working for a fitness club to owning his own business and had an opening for a new client. We started working together three days a week in August 2019.

Why Did it Take Me So Long to Start?

Actually, this was a restart. I’ve had various trainers over the years and found they often were so poor, I’d get hurt, really hurt. After three bad experiences, I just quit trying to workout. Instead, I enjoyed other activities, like gardening.

Gardening Was Fun.. But

In the 90’s, I created a beautiful garden in Colorado with flowers blooming from early Spring until the heavy frost of October. That meant I spent a lot of time gardening. To endure long hours standing in the garden, I started using NSAIDS, always taking the recommended dosage. After about a year, I developed a sensitivity. The lining of my mouth and my gums hurt so much I thought my teeth were going to fall out. I had to quit using all NSAIDS. After the last of the medicine was out of my system, I found I could take half the recommended dose when a special occasion, like visiting my grandchildren came up. Sitting on the plane became tolerable again.

We Are All Different

Some of us love the camaraderie of exercise with others. Or we need the competitiveness that exercise in groups gives us. That’s not me. I’m very competitive, but prefer competition with myself. I get hurt when I compete against others. Even the gentle stretching in yoga becomes dangerous when I see a 20-something, size 6 girl in front of me in yoga class. That’s why I’m at the front now, or was, where the only person I see is the instructor. I can hear her better too. Remember, I’m old.

How Do You Keep Exercising Now?

It’s not easy if you need other people. But if you have a personal trainer, there isn’t a problem. He comes to my house just like before. The only difference is we practice social distancing. And we use my equipment, my dumbbells, spraying them with Lysol, if necessary.

Could I keep this up without him? I don’t know. It would be hard, but I bet we could use Zoom or FaceTime to keep it going. Why not? Children are going to school via computer. Virtual meetings are happening every day.

You Could Start Now

Now that I’m older, I have a much better sense of what I can do, that is, what is possible, and I listen to my body. It lets me know when I need to slow down.

You could start now if you also listen to your body. Get outside and start walking. Or learn a line dance on YouTube. Take it easy, pace yourself, and always gently stretch your legs afterward. Spend some time finding good stretching exercises geared toward you; your age, fitness level and don’t ever think ‘no pain, no gain’, in regards to exercise or stretching.

The Payoff

One of my key goals is ease of daily activities. Here are some ways I’m achieving those goals.

  • Climbing stairs is almost pain free
  • I can lift the 33 pound dog food into the shopping cart without injury
  • Catching my reflection in a glass window makes me smile
  • The future shines bright as my confidence soars

Next time you see a fat, old lady with knock-knees out exercising, I hope you think of me and give her a thumbs up.

Keep Moving!


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