Coming Out of the Closet and Into the Light

Coming out of the closet and into the Light exemplifies how this feels physically and spiritually. The warmth of the sun on my face and the embrace of a loving energy.

Coming Into the Light

My first thought is the universal recalling of near death experiences. They tell of a bright light that seems to call their souls as they prepare to leave this earthly plane. Devoid of pain, discomfort, and fear, their longing drives them forward.

Second, my name constantly reminds me of the Light.

What’s in a Name?

Did you hate your name growing up? Was it unusual, too common, or just didn’t appeal to you? In contrast, I always loved my name. Similarly, I enjoy the morning far more than the night.

Basic Beliefs are Revealed

What does this have to do with Spirituality? Everything. My innate curiosity opened doors into the hidden meaning underneath experiences. For instance, as a child, I celebrated seeing a velvet ant, intent on her mission. Furthermore, I chose to study Biology, drawing me into nature as surely as a moth is drawn to a flame.

Some would say I inherited this curiosity from my father. Nevertheless, my belief is I chose my parents before I was born. Their own life lessons mingled with mine as we walked our own paths toward destiny. Similarly, I believe the souls of my children chose me as their mother.

Taking it one step further, you reading this is related to your need to explore more deeply your own purpose, finding understanding when it appears things have gone wrong or simply answering the question, “Is this all there is?”

How Does God Fit In?

Numbers in 3’sIndeed, God is central to my life. Every bird call, butterfly landing on a flower, mosquito buzzing in my ear or repetitive numbers as I glance at my odometer, remind me that God is present all around me…all the time.

Perhaps you are wondering how to tap into this fabric of connection.
Here’s one pathway.

Today I Come Out of the Closet

Today I come out of the closet. First, I don’t wish to offend anyone in the LBGTQ community and certainly not any of my friends in this community. Rather, I want to explore a different closet… the closet where other like-minded spiritual friends joined me in keeping our beliefs secret.

What Prompted This Opening Up?

As I prepared my Asian Chicken Soup, pictured above, my thoughts transported me back in time and space to Denver, Colorado 2014. The faces of the women who shared this soup with me came into focus. Their giggles mixed with mine as we filled our soup bowls in the basement kitchen of our teacher’s office space. Next, we settled into the sofa, or chairs in the sitting area. The silence broken by quiet sounds of contentment.

Our Common Ground

We gathered every three weeks or so to learn about ourselves and our special gifts. The class title, “Psychic and Personal Development”, had been shortened to simply “Personal Development” in my mind. Only later did I realize the importance of this class and its affect on me. Milestone steps in our development often escape us when they are happening.

Each of us had come to know our teacher, Kim Moore, in different ways. When she asked how I found her, she was very surprised. It was through a book recommended by a fellow employee at the Denver Police Department. Although he was also in the closet, his intuition prompted him to share. Within this book was the author’s recommended professional psychics and mediums by state. Although there were two in the Denver area, I was clearly drawn to Kim.

A Very Special Group

Apparently, this class was also pivotal for Kim. She decided it would be her last. We all loved watching her rise to a featured speaker at the Mind, Body, Spirit Celebration. Now I am privileged to know Meredith Johnson, The Healing Hummingbird, who will make your debut in the Cincinnati event.

Stayed tuned for more next week…

I Welcome You 2021

It’s time to say, “I welcome you 2021” with gusto!

Resolutions or Goals?

Resolutions suggest you need to change. Goals say, “I’m excited about my possibilities!” Will you join me in choosing goals?

Letting Go of the Past

My last post was about letting go of Thankful for 20192019 with gratitude. Perhaps you need to review that process. Basically, with thankfulness, we can more easily let go of past disappointment and pain. After all, there is nothing we can do about the past or the future.

Our best option is living in the moment.

Steps to Welcome 2021

First, ground yourself and take a few deep breaths. If you need a little more help on getting yourself grounded and ready for this welcome to 2021 exercise, review my article on saying goodbye to 2020.

Next, write a love letter to 2021. Include why you are excited to step into a new year, what you are ready to create, and the experiences, intentions, and goals for 2021. Simple, right?

If You Find This Difficult

Give yourself a break, literally and figuratively. This last year has been rough for everyone. Ease into 2021 with daily self-care rituals and lots of alone time for contemplation.

Reread the Steps to Welcome 2021 slowly. Write them out in a way that speaks to you. Restart your love letter to 2021 or start a new one. Be gentle with yourself.

Nope – I’m a Superstar at This

If you are feeling confident about your love letter to 2021, you might want to go a step further and create a place of honor for your letter. Surround it with  objects that make you smile. Draw beautiful symbols around the edges. You can also frame it. Use your intuition to create just the right place for your love letter.

Final Tips for Your Letter

Expounding on your letter, you could create a list of goals for 2021. Maybe you find 2, 5, 10, or even more goals in your letter. Go with your gut feeling or place your hand over your heart and breathe into your goal list. Listen. Feel. You will know when it is right. You will know when you have finished; when you have said, “I welcome you 2021” fully.

Finally, I want to thank Connie Chapman, my go-to life coach, for teaching me all about letting go and setting goals to live my inspired life. We all need support, mentors, and love on this journey called life.

A Bonus for You

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Bravely moving into 2021,