Coming Out of the Closet and Into the Light

Coming out of the closet and into the Light exemplifies how this feels physically and spiritually. The warmth of the sun on my face and the embrace of a loving energy.

Coming Into the Light

My first thought is the universal recalling of near death experiences. They tell of a bright light that seems to call their souls as they prepare to leave this earthly plane. Devoid of pain, discomfort, and fear, their longing drives them forward.

Second, my name constantly reminds me of the Light.

What’s in a Name?

Did you hate your name growing up? Was it unusual, too common, or just didn’t appeal to you? In contrast, I always loved my name. Similarly, I enjoy the morning far more than the night.

Basic Beliefs are Revealed

What does this have to do with Spirituality? Everything. My innate curiosity opened doors into the hidden meaning underneath experiences. For instance, as a child, I celebrated seeing a velvet ant, intent on her mission. Furthermore, I chose to study Biology, drawing me into nature as surely as a moth is drawn to a flame.

Some would say I inherited this curiosity from my father. Nevertheless, my belief is I chose my parents before I was born. Their own life lessons mingled with mine as we walked our own paths toward destiny. Similarly, I believe the souls of my children chose me as their mother.

Taking it one step further, you reading this is related to your need to explore more deeply your own purpose, finding understanding when it appears things have gone wrong or simply answering the question, “Is this all there is?”

How Does God Fit In?

Numbers in 3’sIndeed, God is central to my life. Every bird call, butterfly landing on a flower, mosquito buzzing in my ear or repetitive numbers as I glance at my odometer, remind me that God is present all around me…all the time.

Perhaps you are wondering how to tap into this fabric of connection.
Here’s one pathway.

I’ve Got to Stop There Someday

How many times have you driven by a business that called out to you, and you answered, “I’ve got to stop there someday!”

Taking Time for Yourself

Yesterday was my ‘someday’. Inglenook Antiques was the business. I consider it to be this week’s Artist Date with myself. This concept goes hand-in-hand with writing my Morning Pages. An Artist Date is something you do that gives you joy. According to author, Julia Cameron, the originator, there are just two rules:

  • You must go alone
  • Do it once a week, every week

Antique Shops are a Weakness for Me

I’ve never spent large sums of money in them, but I usually leave with something in hand.

Yesterday’s visit was an example of following my intuition. After all, it wasn’t convenient to stop. I had mozzarella and chicken breasts from a grocery stop after my morning walk at Bok Tower Gardens. But the parking was shaded and my groceries were kept cool in my everpresent cooler.

Before I reached the front door of the cozy, historic house, Robin, the owner, cracked open the door as if to say, “Yes, we’re open.“

Synchronicity Abounds

Synchronicity – the simultaneous occurrence of events, which appear significantly related, but have no discernible casual connection. This definition of synchronicity encompasses my visit to Inglenook Antiques.

Blue Ridge Southern PotteriesI walked through the door and turned right, where a small room was my first find – a wall filled with Blue Ridge Southern Potteries dinnerware. This is the largest collection I’ve ever seen. My personal connection is from my grandmother. She collected these plates during the 1940’s for ten cents each from the local Woolworth Five and Dime store. I loved the beautiful flowers on the hand-painted plates when I would visit her for a traditional Swedish afternoon coffee and sweet. She would fill a coffee cup half full of evaporated milk and pour some coffee and sugar in it for me. She always had homemade Pepparkakor, Swedish ginger cookies, stashed in the freezer to accompany the coffee.

As I wandered through, I was drawn to talk to Robin about her collection of Blue Ridge dinnerware. She told the story of her grandmother’s one plate used to soothe her when she was home sick. The beautiful, hand-painted petunia on a plate, placed with the love of her mother on a tray, filled with comforting morsels of food to settle her tummy.

Every new subject that came up in our conversation brought more similarities; commonality to Wasilla, Alaska, the Czech Republic, family with the same first name, studying biology in college. The list seemed endless.

A Few More Finds

During our conversation, I mentioned that I like white plates too. Robin pulled out two different styles. Now I have three Wedgwood Cream on Cream dinner plates with an embossed grape design and two Czech salad plates, also with a grape leaf design.

Finally, she led me to a large assortment of wooden boxes. I chose a miniature Lane cedar chest. Robin told me they were given to high school graduates by the local furniture store, Badcock, during the 70’s. It must have been after 1971, because I missed receiving one. Perhaps, it was waiting for me to find it at Inglenook Antiques.

Choose to Listen

The next time you hear the voice in your head say, “I’ve got to stop there someday,” choose to listen and act on it. Perhaps you will make a new friend, find the perfect gift, or experience the simple joy of synchronicity.

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