Learning to Love Where You Live

Learning to love where you live

Learning to love where you live may sound silly. Perhaps you answer, “Of course, I love where I live!” But do you really?

Learning to Love Where You Live

Loving something is more than accepting the situation. It’s feeling gratitude, joy, and happiness within your heart. Furthermore, it is feeling this within your body. For me, I feel an expansion of lightness in my chest.

In my last location, I spent a lot of time dwelling on what was ‘wrong’ with my space. It was only through the pandemic’s isolation that I realized my attitude needed to change.

Steps Toward a Change in Attitude

  1. Make a list of everything you appreciate about your situation
  2. Commit toward spending time everyday enveloped in at least one appreciation
  3. Check in weekly to notice any positive change
  4. Express gratitude for any progress

Moving to a New Home

This is the stage I’m in. Not only did I choose this home, I felt it chose me. Yet, my commitment was lacking.

Once it was clear to me that something different was needed, a way to connect with my home came into my life through one of The Healing Hummingbird’s videos on YouTube. As I stood in the center of my house, I spoke this affirmation from Louise Hay …

“I bless my home with love. I put love in every corner and my home lovingly responds with warmth and comfort. I am at peace.”

Watch Meredith’s video for other ways to connect to your house with love.

Making a House a Home

This process is different for each of us.

For example, I bought a hummingbird feeder to invite any late migrating birds for a stopover outside the dining room window. With every meal, we enjoy watching the ruby throated hummers drink deeply from the feeder.

And don’t worry about keeping them in your area too long. You can read more about it on the Cornell Lab website. In fact, here’s the recipe for making your own hummingbird nectar.

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