Do You Play the Role of Victim?

do you play the role of victim

Do you play the role of victim? For example, the photo above portrays the young woman as a victim of bullying. Although we agree this is reality, damaging, and can lead to tragedy, is it preventable by choosing an alternative to the role of victim?

I never thought of myself as a victim. Yet, I willingly set up a similar situation I wrote about last week in Celebrating Your Shadow Side.

How Do You Play the Role of Victim?

I was playing the role of the victim in the Hartman Drama Triangle. This concept was unknown to me until a friend and life coach, Elizabeth Heiss, responded to last week’s letter. She asked me if I had heard of the Hartman Drama Triangle.

She also sent me a link to a video by Martha Beck that explains both the Karpman Drama Triangle and an alternative way of being.

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