Tell Them You Love Them Right Now

tell them you love them right now

Is there someone in your life you miss because there is a rift between you? Tell them you love them right now. You know you do, but pride, fear of rejection, or a lack of love for yourself keeps getting in the way.

One Way to Bridge the Gap

  1. Start by closing your eyes.
  2. Now take 3 deep breaths.
  3. Imagine someone you feel so connected with now (like a beloved pet).
  4. Feel that warm feeling filling your heart space.
  5. Next visualize your estranged person smiling at you.
  6. Share the warm heart space energy with them until your whole body feels expanded.
  7. Now dial their number, write a text, compose an email.
  8. “I just want to tell you how much I love you”.

How It Could Have Been

You can take the first step to repair your relationship even if they have passed on. The energy between you still exists and needs healing. Follow the steps above and compose a letter to them. After the first sentence, let the rest flow from your heart, through your hand, onto the paper.

Forgiveness is Key

When you tell them you love them, forgiveness starts. You will feel relief. They may react the same way. The possibility of a conversation lies just ahead.

Real two-way conversations can be daunting, especially when repairing a broken relationship. Here are a few pointers to get started. The first rule of good communication is expressing how you feel, rather than make accusations.

  • “I feel hurt when this happens.”
  • Take it slow.
  • Stay focused on repairing your relationship.
  • Give it time.

Looking for More Help?

It’s difficult to communicate effectively. No one teaches us this skill in school. Certainly, online resources can be very helpful. One of my favorites is VeryWell Mind’s article on healing relationships with a spouse or partner. The same principles work with any personal relationship.

Sending you loving energy,

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