My Week of Clarity Emerges

This message about my week of clarity received inspiration from the weekly newsletter I receive from Dan Blank, founder of We Grow Media. His email arrived just as I opened my Gmail app with the subject, “Finding creative clarity”.

I immediately thought, “He’s writing about our collaborative journey.”

My Week of Clarity

Early in the past week, Dan and I had our first conversation in a one-on-one working relationship. We could have started with an easy task, like improving my bio. Rather, I chose to work on my mission, my reason for writing, my ‘why’. After all, isn’t that basic for any decision, project, or life path? And isn’t this week of clarity essential to my writing process? Yes to both questions.

After I read Dan’s newsletter subject, my gaze fell on the pile of clean clothes on my dining table. It jumped out as a metaphor of my jumbled thoughts. Before I could start my day, this anxiety around the laundry needed attention.

Many Paths to Clarity

I find menial tasks with my hands allow ideas to flow. Some of my favorite tasks for this are pulling weeds, folding clothes, or washing dishes. Doesn’t this scene feel calmer, clearer, and fulfilling? It’s not perfect, but it is closer to clarity.

Clarity emerges

Furthermore, for me, it is so helpful talking to just one person about ideas. The physical act of speech often brings about clarity by honing my jumble of thoughts into a single line of realization.

Finally, reading about Dan’s Clarity Cards, I remember the first time I was exposed to this process. It seemed so daunting. In contrast, today I feel I can wrap my head around this, creating order out of chaos.

The Message for You

Every person is unique. While we have different paths or different ways of understanding, we can act on nuggets of information, finding our own clarity, one step at a time. If you found anything in this blog that speaks to your heart, please let me know in the comments.

Feeling calmer,

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