Taking Action is the Next Step

Taking action is the next step. Yet how do you know when it’s time for action?

Some Signs to Take Action


Does resistance often rear its ugly head in your life? Even though you know in your gut you want something different, there is an obstacle blocking you.

Perhaps it takes form as:

  • avoidance
  • distraction
  • self-doubt

Let’s delve a little further.

Recognition that Action is Needed

A good friend has been encouraging me to help her with writing for months. She had already taken her own first step by launching a newsletter.

When I read the newsletter welcome email, my natural inclination to help led me to make an edit suggestion. The author was overjoyed.

Then she requested help with her website copy. There was one stipulation. I must give her a way to pay for my help.

Whoa! Suddenly, this specific request felt different in my body. My chest felt lighter and I knew, taking action is the next step.

Let’s recap what happened.

  1. My natural desire to help led me to speak up
  2. The recipient’s acceptance led to a request
  3. My self-doubt was replaced by a lightness in my body
  4. The physical change led to taking action

Expand on the First Action

The framework to launch this new method of energy exchange was already in place. Yes, the exchange of coin is simply a different way to identify energy movement.

Now I have a clearer understanding of how I can help like-minded, spiritually based light workers. Often, we all need another pair of eyes with a fresh perspective. In a different way, this need can manifest as an opportunity to talk, unload, in an atmosphere of compassion without judgement.

My Offer to You

As a licensed health coach and published author, I offer my experience, compassion, and willingness to help in an atmosphere of openness. I’ve created a special place for this collaboration to give birth to a happier, more fulfilled you. A New World Dawning awaits your next step.