Moving On Can Feel Unsettling

Moving on can feel unsettling. I was feeling I’m going to miss this view of the lake… Ahhhh. Emotion, holding onto the past.

A lot of my life was spent on lakes and lakeshores. Time with family, time when I felt connected, also a lot of unhealthy connections. In contrast, the mountains of North Carolina will give me the stability I need and desire to grow and prosper. I can let go of the emotional tie to water, to home, to my father. Especially to father because he grew up near here from birth to the age of ten, exploring the swamp and palmetto stands, barefoot with his protector, a dog named Dolly.

After the family grove froze, they found higher ground on the shore of Lake Crystal where he lived 50 years. It is also where I grew up, exploring the yard, grove and swamp on the edge of that lake. There are memories of him in North Carolina too. Mountains of Saguache County And certainly with mountains. The mountains of Saquache County, Colorado. Those memories are about broadening horizons, fire in creating tools, moving forward, hiking, and accomplishment.

Although moving on can feel unsettling, we can choose to find new, inspiring ways to bring the memories of the past into our present. Kayaking on the New RiverExploring the New River on a sit-on-top kayak is one way I’ll enjoy the water in a healthy, moving forward fashion. Exploring this oldest river brings me a tangible connection between my own past and the new life I now enjoy.

Finally, balance in my life, with the three elements of Fire, Water, and now Earth.

Mountains have always filled my heart with wonder – the view of Mt. Evans in Colorado and now the view of Mt. Jefferson in North Carolina.

Although moving on can feel unsettling, it is necessary for true growth.

May your life’s unsettling moments show you the life path you are meant to follow with infinite love, trust, and gratitude.

Truly, a new world dawning begins in your heart today.

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