Hope in this Lunar New Year

hope in this lunar new year

Do you feel the hope in this Lunar New Year of the Tiger. For you, how does that make you feel compared to the Ox in 2021 or the Rat in 2020? And why did I call it the Lunar New Year? Hasn’t it always been referred to as the Chinese New Year?

A Little Clarification

The Lunar New Year begins on the day of the first new moon. Although a calendar based on the cycle of the moon has been around for ages, we tend to associate it with China where it is celebrated big time. Whole extended families return home, celebrating together. In fact, we see dragon dances performed in large cities across the globe. And it isn’t a few days. Rather it goes on for over two weeks, culminating in the release of thousands of paper lanterns into the night sky on day fifteen, the night of the first full moon. Read more about this year’s celebration.

What is Your Lunar New Year Symbol?

As a child, I remember my family eating at a Chinese restaurant with paper placemats of the Chinese Zodiac. Each of us would find the year we were born and discover who we were. Well, not really. Still, I always noticed my father and I were both Snakes. Since we shared a curiosity and enjoyment of this creature, it seemed only natural. I’ve researched the elements a little more and found that I’m a Yin Water Snake. Dad was a Yin Earth Snake. Furthermore, all Snakes are Yin and all Tigers are Yan. Read more if you’re curious about the Chinese Zodiac animals.

It’s All About Hope

It’s easy to look at all manner of negativity in life. On the other hand, looking for positivity is just as easy. Last year we were stuck with the Ox and betrayed by the Rat in 2020. I’m counting on hope in this Lunar New Year of the Tiger to lift me to new heights of gratitude, connection, and strength in 2022. How about you?

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