Five Tips Toward More Self-Care

Five tips toward more self-care

These five tips toward more self-care will support your path toward fulfillment in your life. The photo of my son and mother laughing during a lunch out is just one example of self-care.

Five Tips Toward More Self-Care

1st Tip: Start Small

Pick one area of your life to focus on. Don’t get bogged down in complexity. Remember that success starts with one small step and consistency creates long lasting changes.

2nd Tip: Focus on Past Success

We are all better at some things than others. Perhaps meditation is difficult for you, but when you walk alone in nature, you feel refreshed. Taking a weekly walk might be better than working on meditation at the beginning.

3rd Tip: Know Yourself

For instance, I’m a morning person. Therefore, I’ll choose to try new forms of self-care in the morning when my energy is high and I’m most likely to be consistent. If you feel rushed in the morning, it might be easier for you to start a new self-care regimen in the afternoon or evening time.

4th Tip: Enlist Support

Just by telling a family member or friend that you are experimenting with new ways to take better care of yourself, you may feel more encouraged to forge ahead. Furthermore, you can include them in your practice of emotional self-care by telling them how much you appreciate them.

5th Tip: Schedule a Weekly Check-in

Once a week, create a recurring appointment where you celebrate your successes the past week. You can also identify areas that need support. I have my recurring appointment on Sunday.

A Real Life Example

Last week I wrote about my Saturday morning nature walk at Bok Tower. During my Sunday check-in, I saw how helpful it had been to my sleep and resting heart rate. As a result, it was easy to plan another nature walk at Bok Tower for the following week. Similarly, I checked out the Self-Care Wheel, created by Olga Phoenix for more ideas to consider.

The idea that resonated with me is, “watch a funny movie.” My husband and I were talking about how much we enjoy the old Mel Brooks classic movies. Which one would you choose?

Now It’s Your Turn

Using my five tips toward more self-care, I’d love to hear what you plan to do this week! Leave a comment below or email me. Better yet, signup for my newsletter and we can have a weekly conversation.

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