How to Host the Imperfect Thanksgiving

Are you the one who hosts Thanksgiving in your family? If yes, I’ll bet you share my knowledge of how to host the imperfect Thanksgiving.

Siblings and Planning

My sister, Lila, and I were texting during the initial planning.

“Your house or mine?” I ask.
“It doesn’t matter to me but you hosted last year.”
“I’ll do it again so the dogs won’t be alone all day,” I reply.

Hunt for Obscure Recipes

Do furry animals color your decisions? They sure do mine. But anyway… The next communication with my sister was looking for a cranberry chutney our mother used to make. Mom is 91, lives with me and visits Lila occasionally. She doesn’t take a lot of interest in the menu at home, but a few days ago she mentioned the cranberry chutney she used to take pride in making every Thanksgiving. It’s very unusual and since I’m a super traditionalist for Thanksgiving, I don’t care for it.

Sure enough, Lila had Mom’s giant recipe file, and she emailed me the recipe. Just reading some of the ingredients was enough to make me shake my head; onion, vinegar, curry, and mace, oh my!

Email Communication Hiccups

At the end of the recipe email, my sister wrote, “I am bringing a pecan and pumpkin pie. If Wayne (my husband) wants pumpkin, I’ll bring that too.”

Do you forget to read all the words in an email, once you’ve read the part you are looking for? I do…. sometimes.

I noticed pecan and added “pie” after it. That left pumpkin pie. It was obvious to me two pies were coming with my sister and brother-in-law; one pecan pie and one pumpkin pie.

That’s exactly what I wanted since pecan pie is my favorite. Six email replies later, I realized she wanted to make one pie that was a combination of pecan and pumpkin. This seems understandable, since I’ve eaten the pecan-pumpkin pie before and should have realized what she meant.

Planning Outcome

Although I really wanted a pecan pie, in the end I acquiesced. After all the back and forth, there will be a pecan-pumpkin pie and a traditional pumpkin pie on the dessert menu. At least I think that’s right..

And don’t tell anyone, but I’m going to make a pecan pie either before Thanksgiving or after. Hey! It’s my favorite!

Here’s hoping this blog helped you learn how to host an imperfect Thanksgiving!


A Little Sunshine in Winter

I’m back home in Florida, the Sunshine State, after a stint in Colorful Colorado. When I say home I mean I’m really home, living in the county I grew up in, ten miles from the place I learned to swim, smelled my first Jacaranda blossom, and skinned my knee after falling off my bike. I’m lucky to be near family and to have married a longtime friend from high school; well actually, he was my teacher. However, that’s a story for another time.

Today I’m celebrating successfully baking orange cranberry muffins. I hear you say, “What?!?” These muffins are special because I took a gluten free, low-carb recipe, changed a number of ingredients and it still came out yummy! The original recipe is Keto Blueberry Muffins on the iPhone app, Carb Manager. Every food I’ve made is a winner. With this honest plug for the app, I don’t feel so bad sharing my recipe loosely based on their recipe.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve had some amazing failures making gluten free baked goods. When I’ve tried to ‘wing it’, the looks from my husband and mom said it all, “Yuk!” That’s why I’m so excited about this recipe. In addition, I used my favorite combination of orange and cranberry, so I knew I’d like it.

Download a PDF of the recipe