How I Started Writing Again

It’s been difficult to write during the stress of COVID-19. Yet I started writing again. Some would say it was coincidence that I saw an interview with Windy Lynn Harris, one of my writing mentors. I don’t believe in coincidence. Rather I believe in serendipity via Divine intervention, help from above, the hand of fate, or whatever words best describe a greater power for you.

A Little Background

My professional writing career began five years ago in May 2015. I had received an invitation to attend Julie Colvin’s Wellness Writer Retreat in Sedona, Arizona. Living in Colorado at the time, I drove, which is a favorite pastime for me.

Lisa Fugard and Windy Lynn Harris were featured authors, giving us writing prompts, feedback and incredible support. After the retreat, I continued studying with these two writers in Bootcamps. Both women continue to support and inspire me.

The Interview

Julie Duffy of interviewed Windy about Flash Fiction, a type of literary writing that is usually a very short read, often under 500 words. The Tweet showed up in my feed and I clicked on the link. I delighted hearing Windy’s familiar voice with her excitement for writing. It inspired me to check into the StoryADay concept.

StoryADay Concept

It’s pretty obvious to me that I would be writing a story every day. You might think that would be intimidating to someone who hasn’t worked on their writing project in months. In contrast, I was excited about it.

This challenge began in 2010. Funny how so many great things start on the mark of a decade. I signed up and received a packet of information about this year’s StoryADay May Challenge. The rules are very loose, but the concept is still writing a story a day.

Since most participants know this is coming, Julie began building the excitement in April. I missed that, seeing Windy’s interview exactly one week ago on May 1st. My blog post from last week served as my first story. Then I began writing new stories everyday.

My Result Taking The Challenge

My deep desire to write was given a kickstart. The words flow without effort on the very first attempt. And with each new prompt, I find renewed excitement. It fills my day with joy and accomplishment.

“But I’m not a writer,” you say.

It doesn’t matter your call to action, your life purpose, your reason for being. What matters is listening, observing, knowing when serendipity enters your life. And then acting on it.

I’d love to hear what coincidence occurred in your life recently. Write a comment, or better yet, signup for my newsletter so you won’t miss a blog and you’ll receive extras I reserve just for my subscribers.

Loving Life,