The Value of Contrast in Your Life

Our bodies resist the value of contrast through its desire for the status quo or sameness, also known as homeostasis.

What do our minds think about the value of contrast? Do we want to listen to our mind, aka monkey mind, or inner critic?  When I have questions, I often research online. However, over the years I’ve collected a lot of books, most found in the self-help or new age section.

A Book on Contrast

As I was looking through my bookshelf in my office, one title caught my eye. As I pulled it out, the colorful page markers reminded me how influential it was in my spiritual growth.

Six years ago I read The Dark Side of the Light Chasers by Debbie Ford. I resisted the idea of reading the book at first. The title sounded too bizarre. However, within a few pages, I was hooked. How freeing to embrace our darkness, or shadow side, by changing our point of view.

And it gets extra credit for the author and reader – Ms. Ford includes exercises throughout the book. You might also enjoy The Shadow Side written more recently in collaboration with Deepak Chopra and Marianne Williamson. This book is organized as a six-week program, walking you through deep self-exploration.

Two Examples of Contrast

Judgement has long been a life lesson for me. Members of my family showed me how to manifest judgement in many ways, ranging from gossip to the simple act of reading the newspaper.

How can there be a positive in judgement? Quite simply, if I had  no judgement, I would step off the curb into the path of oncoming traffic.

Alternatively, think about this scenario.  We had a goal to buy groceries every Saturday morning. But this Saturday, we felt it was a good day to stay home with the kids and watch silly cartoons. Most of us would call that procrastination disguised as good parenting. What if our intuition led us to change our plans and we avoided a car crash on the corner near the grocery store? Procrastination is now good luck!

In Conclusion

This simple article has a deep meaning, like so much of life. Perhaps you can see the value of contrast in everyday life; the ivory and ebony piano keys, night vs. day, a word spoken in anger and the same loved one’s healing embrace.

May today show you the value of contrast.

With warmth and encouragement,


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