Mapping Out an Amazing 2016 – Looking Back

For the second year, I’ve joined Jennifer Steck in her class to map out the year. My 2015 was incredible, partly because I started it with Jennifer.

In order to map out 2016, we first reviewed 2015. It was therapeutic to think about the triumphs, the sadness and the bravery I experienced the last 12 months. Giving myself credit for my past, sets the stage for current goals and aspirations, which lead to continued success.

Jennifer asked us, “What was your word for 2015?”

I forgot to bring my 2015 worksheets with my “defining word”. My memory told me it was TRANSFORM. However, locating my process sheets when I returned home, I found the actual word was RECREATE. I smiled because I saw these two words hand in hand walking through my year. By setting my baseline goals, I followed the elements even though I never referred to my planning documents. My intention was firmly set in my subconscious and I allowed it to happen by noticing people and opportunities that came into my life and then listening to my inner voice and trusting its wisdom.

Curious what happened for me in 2015? Here we go!

Was your 2015 a year you would like to forget? Or was it monumental? Do you have an annual ritual at the beginning and/or end of the year?

I’d love to hear about it in comments.

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2 thoughts on “Mapping Out an Amazing 2016 – Looking Back”

  1. Recreating…what a perfect word for last year, Dawn. You have grasped life and squeezed so much learning, growing and joy out of every moment. It was my honor and privilege to join you as we planned out last year, and now the year to come. As I approach retirement, I hope to follow in your footsteps of adventure.

    1. Jennifer, I am the one who is honored to have wonderful people like you in my life. You listened when I needed a sounding board and you pointed me in a direction that changed my life. I am eternally grateful. Thank you for being such a caring person and friend. I look forward to reading about your travels and the pursuit of your dreams.

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