A Week in the Life

A week in the life

A week in the life of..someone who graduated high school 50 years ago. I remember my mother’s 50th high school reunion and thought at the time, “Wow! Fifty years? Mom sure is old.” Oops! Now it’s my 50th reunion year, but I’m not as old is she was… right?

A Week in the Life of

Listening and Trusting

This week I listened to my inner voice, my intuition often. When a feeling was strong, I trusted the likelihood it might be important. One synchronicity stands out. Some background first…

50 Years or a Half Century

This year marks the 50th year since I graduated from high school. My older sister, Lila, graduated the year before me. Over the years, I was kind of envious that she graduated on a decade year. She would celebrate her class reunion at the turn of the century and her 50th in 2020. Furthermore, they’ve planned multi-year reunions since their 10th. Although I could have attended her class reunions, I never did until I signed up in January of 2020, expecting to attend my sister’s 50th reunion in June. Then plans went awry.

In the wake of COVID, the Class of 1970 rescheduled their 50th reunion numerous times. When it became apparent it would fall on the anniversary year of the juniors in their high school yearbook, they magnanimously formally invited my class to join in. That was convenient!

Now the Synchronicity

My letter with the ticket to the Class of 1970 50th reunion arrived late in June. The first thing I noticed was my last name was wrong on the envelope. Since Facebook has been the primary information hub, I used Messenger to let Janet, the organizer, know about the faux pas, mentioning that I wanted to insure my name was correct on the name tag.

She replied that my classmate, Vondie, was working on the reunion name tags for my class. Yet, the host class was planning to use handwritten ‘Hello’ name tags. Since I loved this type of work and I knew Vondie since elementary school I volunteered to make sure all the attendees had the same cool name tags.

The research frenzy began. I located two yearbooks of my own, picked up two more from Janet, and contacted another friend who had scanned yet another year book. As a perfectionist, I was in my element!

By July 4th, I finally took a close look at the calendar.. there were exactly twenty days before the big event. Yikes!

It Takes a Village…

Two days ago, I posted the current list of reunion attendees on the private Facebook account for the reunion and asked for corrections in spelling, class year or missing names. The village chipped in and the list both improved and grew. Of course, seeing who else is attending upped the excitement of all. And now the list is so much better!

This weekend, I have my part of the name tag project clear in my mind. I’ve left the best for last… scanning the class of 1970’s year book. Oh, and of course clipping over 100 photos. Today marks one week I’ve been working on the name tag project. It’s been fun and rewarding. By the time I see my classmates, I’ll know their names and faces by heart… of course they may have changed in fifty years!

A week in the life of a retired and somewhat homebound caregiver has grown even busier, and I love it! What an opportunity to contribute to the success of the Class of 1970’s 50th Reunion.

Go Hornets!


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