A Heavy Birthday Week

a heavy birthday week

Do you have a heavy birthday week when multiple friends have birthdays? I do, and this is the week.

A Heavy Birthday Week

My sister is the first person in my life with a birthday this week. Here is our favorite photo, which she posts on Sibling Day. Yes, it falls just before this week. I’m on the left in case you don’t recognize me.

The other two birthdays belong to my long-time friends, Pat and Marilyn. We met in the seventh grade at junior high. I’m pretty sure Pat and I developed our friendship first, but it’s hard to remember the circumstances in the fall of 1964 precisely. Regardless, for me, it feels like a triad that has persisted over the last fifty-plus years.

If you live in the United States, what other event is on your mind this week? That’s right. It’s the dreaded Federal Income Tax due date. Therefore, I like to plan early acquiring gifts for these three friends.

A Gift Buying Strategy

It seems I’ve always lived a distance from my April birthday friends. Therefore, I mail the gifts. After the New Year, I start to think about an appropriate gift. I’m not a shopper, but I enjoy visiting certain stores; garden centers, cute gift shops, and antique malls. As I browse, something will catch my eye, and I pounce, buying three of the same or similar items. This year my sister led the way.

Last month, I waited just past 5 pm for a frame shop to finish my order. All the little shops had closed as I strolled down 3rd Street in Winter Haven, Florida, except one.

a heavy birthday weekHappily, I popped in. Near the back of the store, I noticed kitchen towels with catchy sayings. My sister’s last name is Rogers. Believe it or not, I never made the correlation with the popular children’s television show until recently.

The best part was receiving her text. Then we talked about how funny this quip is, even though it isn’t true! How silly is that? I guess that’s why I knew she would love it. We have the same sense of humor.

Next, the search was on for Pat and Marilyn. Their towels were right next to the Mr. Rogers quip. Mission accomplished!

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