Technical Difficulties

It was tough getting my WordPress files onto this website. First I couldn’t get the FTP password set. Leaving it alone a few days seemed to solve that problem. Here’s a tip if you use GoDaddy – don’t forget to use Mozilla rather than Chrome. The pop-up to change the FTP user password doesn’t work in Chrome. After giving my frustration a few days rest, I successfully changed the password and could upload the files.

The fun was just beginning. Although all the files were on the host server, I couldn’t run the install program. The error was for specific program files (php for other techies like me). I’d see that my local php file was larger than the file on the server. Once again I walked away from the computer, going outside to shovel a little Denver area snow.  As I was taking off my wet snow boots, the light bulb above my cartoon head went on! My errors were due to cutting off part of a text file. Solution? I moved the WordPress files directly under My Documents – problem solved. It’s a miracle!

Even though Windows convinced me I could use long file names and have many nested folders, my host website is housed on a Linux server. Lesson Learned – always follow the rules of the lowest common denominator.

Leave a comment with your most recent or most aggravating technical difficulty!