Total Eclipse of the Sun – Now What?

Total Eclipse Across America

This past week thousands flocked to the band across the United States where the total eclipse of the sun occurred.

What drove them to experience this phenomena?

  • It certainly was extraordinary
  • Most will never have the opportunity again in their lifetimes
  • It was a media event
  • Maybe they were on TV or in a newspaper

Did Participants Connect with Nature?

You bet they did!

  • To view the solar eclipse they had to be outside
  • The sun and moon are part of nature

Was There Planning Involved?

There was lots of planning.

  • Special glasses or other paraphernalia was required
  • It was on a Monday, so many planned a vacation day
  • Thousands drove or flew to one of the best viewing areas

Now What?

This once in a lifetime event is a impetus to get outside and connect with nature. How?

  • Take your lunch outside
  • Wake up early and watch the sunrise
  • Park farther away from your destination and walk
  • Stop outside, close your eyes and listen to the sounds of nature
  • Offer up a prayer of gratitude for your life

The incredible exodus of Americans outside to view the solar eclipse was an opportunity to realize how special nature is. Enjoy her gifts everyday.